Choosing The Right Scrub For Your Nursing Job

Choosing The Right Scrub For Your Nursing JobHealth care facilities nowadays allow medical staff to wear different colored and styled scrub sets. However, a certain level of uniformity is desired by most hospitals, to have a certain semblance of order. As a medical professional, you have the responsibility to dress according to your posting and your duties. Read on to know more about which scrub to choose for your job posting.

Scrubs For Pediatric Staff

You can exercise all your creative genius when it comes to selecting the right scrub if you are a pediatric professional. Children are the least critical as far as audiences go, and sick children appreciate anything that cheers them up. The atmosphere at a pediatric clinic or hospital is kept upbeat so that the children don’t fall into depressed slumps. To stay in tune with the mood, choose brightly colored scrub sets, and wear bold cartoons, flowers, fishes and other cheerful prints on your scrub sets.

Scrubs For Emergency Room Staff

The emergency room is where accident victims are wheeled in and miracles are expected. The ER in any hospital is a tension-ridden area, where no one quite knows what to expect. Friends and family of sick, dying or badly wounded patients throng the ER waiting rooms. This doesn’t mean you have to stick to somber blacks and grays out of respect for them. It only means that the ER is not a place in which you should celebrate your creative freedom. Make sure that you don’t wear cartoons and fishes when you work in ER, as it’s quite likely that your patient’s family might find your attire disrespectful. They might even feel you’re mocking their pain. Wear dark colored scrubs such as black, gray, navy, dark red, or even matched sets with a dark patterned top with plain pants. Leave the very cheerful sets behind. The same unwritten respectful dress code is to be followed if you are working in any center that houses terminally ill patients.

Disposable And Cheap Scrubs For OR

If you are an OR nurse or medical professional, it’s best to invest in a few cheap scrub sets or disposable sets. Unless your employer provides OR scrubs, don’t invest in a lovely designer set and waste it. If you prefer to wear non-disposable sets, opt for dark colors such as black, deep navy or burgundy, or dark prints. Stains don’t show up readily on dark colors and prints. Always wear a scrub jacket on top of your scrub set so that the jacket catches stains if any. This way, your inner scrubs will be clean.

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