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Unisex Lab coat

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  1. Unisex Lab Coat

    Unisex Lab Coat

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Working in any kind of laboratory can be challenging. You have to deal with chemicals, patient’s pathology samples, delicate machinery and constant pressure. It’s very important therefore to wear the most comfortable clothing. You have to focus completely on your job and cannot spend time worrying if your lab coat is fitting well or not. Nor can you keep pulling at a badly fitting lab coat all day long.

We at have a deep understanding of the issues you face. Which is why we stock the best of comfortable, excellently designed and beautifully fitting unisex lab coats, white lab coats, men lab coats and women lab coats. We have many different lab coats for sale, with the core focus on your comfort and your appearance. Lab coats don’t have to be boring, just because they have to be white. We have 3/4 sleeve lab coats that leave your forearms free; we have lab coats with single or multiple pockets depending on your preference.

For the fashionable you, our lab coats come with stiff jacket collars, round collars, collarless cutting, deep V cutting, jacket lapels and many designs. Our intent is to give you lab coats that will complement your inner clothing. With these many choices, you can purchase several lab coats and design a unique look each day. White lab coats tend to get dirty soon, but that’s no worry with our lab coats, which are 100% machine washable and are easy to dry.

Our unisex lab coats, white lab coats, men lab coats and women lab coats come in various sizes and lengths. Some labs restrict lab coat lengths and therefore, we stock many different lengths so that you can find the right one with us. Our lab coats are well tailored and are elegant enough for you to wear them as outerwear also, if you so prefer.

So browse our selection of unisex lab coats, men’s lab coats and women’s lab coats today. Enjoy our pricing advantage, quick delivery and great customer service. We welcome you to join our list of satisfied, returning customers!