What Your Scrub Color Says About You

What Your Scrub Color Says About YouScrub sets are available in many colors and designs these days. How do you decide which color scrubs to buy? Do you buy your favorite colors, or do you buy colors that look good on you? Whatever be the reasoning behind your color choices, it’s a known fact that the colors we prefer to wear say something about who we are. We are subconsciously attracted to certain colors and deviate towards those by default. Find out what your scrub color says about who you really are.

White Scrubs

When you wear white scrubs even when white scrubs are not mandated, you’re saying something. White is symbolic of purity, innocence, idealism and a certain intolerance towards dirt, stains and infections. Your white scrub denotes you as a person who likes perfection, cleanliness and truth. Your professionalism and neatness will be appreciated by others, but it’s likely they’ll also keep their distance from you from fear of criticism.

Red Scrubs

The Red personality is outgoing, vigorous, impulsive and aggressive. People don’t accidentally wear red clothes – only those people who feel attracted by red will wear red clothes. When people see you wearing red scrubs, they will feel drawn towards you, as red is a sensual color. They will also see you as someone forthright and formidable. People who prefer red show a remarkable zest for life, even the quiet ones.

Maroon Scrubs

Maroon is a deep, mature red, and it indicates a person who’s learnt the lessons of life. Very young people are seldom attracted to maroon. A maroon person comes across as mature, likable and generous. Nurses who prefer maroon scrubs reflect the qualities of a muted Red personality, retaining the warmth and enthusiasm but with reduced aggression.

Pink Scrubs

Nurses who prefer pink scrubs come across as loving, affectionate, and a little maternal. Other might even sense a certain vulnerability in you, as though you seek special treatment and a sheltered life. People who prefer pink tend to be charming and gentle, though perhaps a little vague, and want to feel loved and secure.

Orange Scrubs

Nurses who are flamboyant and fun loving by nature will prefer orange scrubs. Sober and sedate people won’t wear bright orange scrubs. The shade of orange that you wear will tell a lot about you. If it’s a bright orange, you come across as gregarious, with no apparent care in the world. A muted orange might indicate a shy but still gregarious personality. Orange indicates drama, fickleness and indecisiveness on the negative side and strength, fearlessness, curiosity on the positive side.

Yellow Scrubs

Yellow indicates happiness, imagination, wisdom and a sense of adventure. Yellow is a color that only those with sunny and shrewd personalities who have lots of guts wear. People will see you as a sunny, happy person, with a good business head on your shoulders along with a strong sense of humor. Yellow wearers are intellectual, clear and precise thinkers, with lofty ideals and strong opinions about themselves. The negative is that at times yellow wearers might prefer freedom to responsibility.

Green Scrubs

When you wear green scrubs, people sense that you prefer harmony, balance, peace, hope, gentleness and sincerity. People who prefer green scrubs are forthright and candid; they advocate peace and refinement. The negative side is that green wearers tend to hide, are too modest, and might be exploited unfairly.

Blue Scrubs

If you prefer blue scrubs, you indicate that you are a soft, compassionate and caring kind of person. Blue wearers are approachable and inspire trust in others, are good at introspection, and have a strong sense of duty. They can persevere at a job patiently and prefer to be admired for their steadiness and wisdom, than for any achievement. The negatives are that they tend to worry, be inflexible and too cautious at times.

Purple Scrubs

When you wear purple, you’re letting people know that you are highly individual, witty, sensitive and particular. You feel the need to be unique and different. People see you as temperamental and artistic, capable of reacting in a sarcastic manner if misunderstood. Purple indicates depth, and a sense of dignity and self.

Brown Scrubs

So what do your brown scrubs say about you? The brown wearer is possessed of patience, stamina and solidity. Browns are substantial, steady, conservative, conscientious and dependable. Others will rely on you and feel soothed by your scrub color because brown tends to steady emotions. Negatives are obstinacy and inflexibility at times.

Gray Scrubs

Your gray scrubs say you are cautious, diligent, composed, peaceful and a hard worker. They also say you like it when life runs on without hassles. You have good business ability but tend to withdraw from life and suppress your emotions.

Black Scrubs

Wearers of black are at the same time dignified and mysterious, giving the impression that there’s much to be explored beneath their surfaces. They are never what they seem to be, even though they do give the impression of solidity. Remember black can absorb all colors. People who prefer wearing black tend to observe, and reserve judgment as they analyze.

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