Ten Reasons Why You May Not Want To Consider Nursing As A Career Option

Ten Reasons Why You May Not Want To Consider Nursing As A Career OptionNot everyone can be a nurse. There are certain aspects of the nursing job that can seriously deter nurse-hopefuls from making the attempt. Before deciding that a nursing career is exactly what you want, you might want to read out 10 reasons why nursing may not be for you. The idea behind compiling this list is not to scare people off nursing, but to help them evaluate their own abilities critically before taking the plunge.

If You’re Getting Into Nursing For The Money

Nurses are paid decently in most states in the US. However, certain areas of nursing are paid much better than some others. Unless you are willing to put in the years of study and certification to become a registered nurse, you won’t be paid all that much as a licensed private nurse or a junior staff nurse. So if you’re in it for the money, this is probably not the best career option for you.

If You Want To Be Recognized And Well Known

Some of us get into careers wanting to be recognized, appreciated and to become well known in our spheres of work. Most of the people that enter corporate or specialty fields do it for linear career graphs, travel opportunities and fame. If this is what you want, then you must know that nursing is a noble vocation. And as far as vocations go, it’s a thankless job of many hours and days spent caring for patients who won’t thank you, and management that may not give you credit. That does not mean that as a nurse you cannot build a viable reputation; you can. With true compassion, dedication, sincerity, responsibility and discipline, you can shine as a nurse, be promoted and become well known. However, it takes enormous dedication to become famous at a hospital for nursing.

If You Cannot Stand The Sight Of Blood

As a nurse, the sight of blood will become commonplace in your life. You’ll have to see torn limbs, shredded flesh, graphical surgeries, transfusions and cleanups. All this requires a calm, detached attitude and a very strong stomach. If this is not you, then don’t attempt this career.

If Your Sense Of Smell Is Sensitive

If you’re offended by nasty odors, then stay away from nursing. You’ll be exposed to all kinds of smells: the smell of blood, medications, body fluids, cleaning fluids, acids, chemicals, and drugs and so on. If your sensitive sense of smell prevents you from being close to any such smells, it’s best not to consider the nursing career option.

If You Prefer A Desk Job

Seldom do nurses sit and relax. This job involves walking briskly along hospital corridors carrying patient charts, visiting patients and monitoring various aspects of patient care. You’ll have to keep moving up and down hospital floors to locate doctors, visit surgeries, help patient’s families and in general, do a lot of footwork. If you like sitting behind a desk and working at a minimum movement job, then nursing is not for you.

If You Are Averse To Change

Nurses have to learn to expect change, since change is the only constant in the nursing profession. Patients come and go; shifts change, schedules shift, guidelines and practices shift and nurses have to constantly adapt to change. If you want a steady job that won’t change except when you’re promoted, nursing is not for you.

If You Are Averse To Continued Learning

As a nurse, your learning does not stop. Continual learning is part of the health care profession. Nurses need to maintain their skill and knowledge level at par with the innovation curve. This is absolutely essential, because a nurse who doesn’t learn risks harming patients or compromising patient care. That apart, nurses also need to take advanced courses, training in specialties and must renew their licenses in order to grow in their profession. If this is not for you, then don’t attempt the nursing career.

If You’re Reclusive And Lack Interpersonal Skills

A nurse’s interpersonal, or people skills, is probably the highest valued skills. As a nurse, you’ll have to maintain a positive, friendly and open attitude with patients, other nurses, medical staff, patient’s families, administration and management members. A nurse must be socially competent in order to provide excellent patient care. Education, skill and knowledge will only get you so far.

If You Don’t Care About Your Care

As a nurse you have to care about the care you provide. You cannot just do a job because you’re asked to do it. Each patient is a personal responsibility and you’ll have to put out your utmost with them. If you are half hearted about your care, your patient will sense it and care will be compromised. You must sincerely feel a vocation for care and feel the compassion to help someone in pain, in order to succeed as a nurse.

If You Are Biased, Opinionated And Judgmental

As a nurse, you’ll be expected to care for all patients without showing bias for gender, race, color, size, background or any other demographic. You also must retain a firm leash over your opinions. It won’t do to comment on someone’s ethical choices such as pro-choice versus pro-life. Remember any treatment decision is the patient’s and your job is to only ensure good patient care. You cannot get involved in ethical dramas. Finally, if you are someone who frequently judges others as strong or weak or clingy or whiny, nursing is not for you.

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