Nurses – How To Buy The Right Scrub Set For Yourself

Nurses – How To Buy The Right Scrub Set For Yourself How do you decide which nursing scrub set will suit you best? You’re particular when you select your regular clothing; are scrub sets any different? Don’t you want them to show you at your best light? Here are a few tips on how to pick the right scrub set for you.

The Right Collar Style

Pick a high collar if you have a long neck and thin shoulders. A high collar tends to shorten an already short neck and makes round shoulders look plump and boxy. If you have a short neck, choose a scrub top with a long V-neck that elongates your neck. You can also opt for a long V with broad lapels. This will elongate your neck and make your shoulders look smaller.

The Right Length

If you have narrow hips and a small waist, opt for a short top that just touches your hips. However, if your waist is small and your hips are big, always choose a scrub top that falls below your hip level. This length will elongate your body’s outline, giving you a leaner profile. If you have a broad waist or a paunch, pick a top with side slits. This will allow the top to float around your body without sticking to your tummy. Short people should choose slightly longer tops while tall people can easily work short tops.

The Right Color

A dark color scrub set can take several pounds off your frame. If you are on the broader side, opt for black, navy, burgundy and deep red scrubs. Leave the pastels, the whites and the turquoises for thin people. A slim person can wear just about any color. However, a slim person wearing a dark color will appear to be thinner than he is or she really is.

The Right Print

People who are on the broader side should avoid large prints, as these tend to make them look broader. They should focus on smaller, denser prints, which make them look thinner. A short and broad person should stay away from prints altogether, unless the prints are spread out. Short and thin people should also stay away from large prints, as these will overwhelm their personalities.

The Right Size

Invest in good quality scrubs that don’t shrink beyond two washes. Always buy scrubs of one size larger to ensure they fit when they shrink. Don’t wear tight fitting scrubs. Apart from making you uncomfortable, tight fits are deemed unprofessional in a medical center. The ideal sized scrub should allow you to breathe and move your arms and legs freely.

The Right Design

With all the available designs, one might feel like buying them all. Scrub tops come with printed edges, gathers at the neck and below the bust, and smock-like frills gathered at the waist. If you have broad hips, stay away from tops with printed edges, as these will make your hips look broader. If you have a heavy bust or a paunch, avoid frills, smocking and waist gathers. Opt for neat cuts and A-lines instead. If you are tall and thin, you can opt for any of the embellished top styles.

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